Having a physical disability should not stop you from leading an independent life. At Goodknight Home Care our carers can support you to live the life you choose.

We recognised everyone as an individual and with you a care plan your care. Choosing Goodknight Home Care will mean support and care to:

  • To go to work and keep on top of day-to-day living tasks
  • Meet friends and family, college or clubs, pursue a favourite hobby
  • Attend medical appointments or go to a fitness centre
  • Assist you with your weekly shopping and/or collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy
  • Assist with get up and go to bed
  • Help with domestic tasks like washing and ironing

We can pop in once or twice a week or provide up to 24 hour home care. Our care assistants have practical experience of meeting a wide range of complex care and support needs. They are fully trained to respond to different communication needs, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

To know more about our disability care in Chippenham, please get in touch.